About International Business and Finance Program

With the world becoming increasingly globalized and interconnected, working across countries became a necessity for many companies. As a result, there is a growing need for business graduates who can operate in such a globalized environment effectively and efficiently. The International Business and Finance program is a multidisciplinary program that combines two relatively connected business areas. It is specifically designed for students interested in building global business careers by offers a combination of several key business disciplines with a special focus on a global and multi-cultural context. In particular, we teach students how multinational companies operate in the global business market, what challenges they encounter, and how are they relevant to financial and capital markets.

At the Bachelor level, we explore various aspects of international business and raise the latest debates on these topics. While required courses are designed to offer a substantial knowledge in international business and finance from different perspectives, we do offer flexibility to allow in elective offerings to adjust to students' interests and future career goals. Upon competition of the first study cycle, a student acquires the title of Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in International Business and Finance. The program structure is available here.

At the Master level, we offer two modules: Master in International Business and Master in International Finance.

Master in International Business provides students with the ability to analyze the dynamic and ever-changing environment in which multinational business operates today. It assists students with developing a global perspective alongside the key management skills by addressing ethical and cultural concerns essential for a career abroad, as well as in an organization operating on a global scale. Upon completing the second study cycle, a student acquires a Master of Arts (M.A.) in International Business. The program structure is available here.

Master in International Finance provides students with an understanding of international financial principles through depth knowledge of financial theory and practice. The main goal is to train students in the complex usage of financial instruments. In particular, students will be introduced to research tools and techniques applicable in a professional context. The module welcomes students from all backgrounds. Upon completing the second study cycle, a student acquires a Master of Arts (M.A.) in International Finance. The program structure is available here.

Our multidisciplinary approach is focused on developing a broad set of transferable and lifelong learning skills that are highly sought after by employers. Such a design provides job opportunities in a wide range of sectors. Our graduates can pursue a career in banks, financial institutions, consulting firms, multinational corporations in diverse industries, and international organizations. Besides, they are very desirable for local businesses, especially the ones planning to expand their operations across the border. Finally, our graduates are equipped to start their own businesses.