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IUS Representatives Attended „Quo Vadis Academia?“ Conference

On 25 January 2022, Associate Professor Dr. Mehmed Ganić at the IUS Faculty of Business and Administration was one of the panelists at the „Quo Vadis Academia?“ conference organized by Homework HUB on the occasion of the International Day of Education.

The conference held in a hybrid mode, live from HUB and online, focused on reforms in education, best practices and needs of students. Students and panelists discussed issues related to difficulties regarding procedures and creating better cooperation between universities, both private and state ones. Underdeveloped digital literacy of academic staff at universities in BiH is another issue which made the education process more difficult during the COVID-19 pandemic. It should be emphasized that IUS made a very successful transition from live to online mode of teaching. Three semesters were completely conducted online and the results were more than satisfactory for both the academic staff and IUS students.

The second day of the conference, held on 26 January 2022, was dedicated to a panel discussion between students and student associations. The president of IUS Parliament, Mr. Anes Kadić, attended the discussion. The panelists answered questions regarding issues in the education system. Mr. Kadić focused on the positive practices and solutions IUS offers: full implementation of the Bologna principles, quality and fair communication between students and IUS academic and administrative staff as well as efficient organization of the entire University.

The participants of the conference aimed at finding best solutions for university students as well as enabling better education conditions for students from both public and private universities in order to create a better future for young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina.   


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