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Coordinator's Message

International Business and Finance

Dear students,

Welcome to the Department of Economics and Management at the Faculty of Business and Administration (FBA).


Our goal is to develop economists and business people ready to face the challenges of a dynamic environment. By having academic staff that comes from different academic and industry backgrounds, we can pursue teaching which is theoretical and practical at the same time. As a small department, we offer an environment where through direct and personal contact with our staff students have an opportunity to further be guided, gain knowledge, develop skills, and pursue their ideas.


That is why our curriculum is constantly evolving to meet the changing demands in the environment. With our three divisions, Economics, Management, and International Business and Finance, we promote interdisciplinary education, particularly among economics, business, and social sciences. In that way, we offer programs at all three cycles.

Program Coordinator

Full Professor
Dr. Mehmed Ganić

Upon the completion of undergraduate education, our students are equipped to:

  • Demonstrate adequate knowledge of international business operations from regional, global, cultural, and ethical perspectives;
  • Describe how international organizations and agreements shape the global marketplace;
  • Demonstrate substantial knowledge of international finance necessary for conducting financial transactions in the global economy;
  • Explain the interaction between firm strategies, economic policies, and the changing international environment;
  • Utilize fundamental tools and concepts of finance required for financial managers;
  • Apply quantitative methods in constructing a portfolio and analyzing investments;
  • Construct, evaluate, and present clear and concise business, marketing, financial, and research plans and strategies;
  • Work effectively in a team environment by performing different roles;
  • Apply the basic concepts of finance, investments, and budgeting onto personal life;
  • Recognize career choices for undergraduate international business and finance majors and the options for graduate study;
  • Communicate effectively and fluently in English on subjects and issues related to international business and finance;
  • Use the necessary skills and self-confidence to work and manage things independently;


During their studies, students are provided with opportunities to take part in exchange programs abroad provided by our International Relations Office. Besides, the students can start their professional development by visiting the Students and Career Center which is here to help connect students with opportunities, from internships to full-time employment and provide guidance throughout the cycles of your career.


Welcome aboard!


Full Professor Dr. Mehmed Ganić

International Business and Finance Program Coordinator

International Business and Finance

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Faculty of Business and Administration

International Business and Finance


“The stock market is filled with individuals who know the price of everything, but the value of nothing.” - Philip Fisher



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