What will this study program give you?

  • You will develop an ability to apply knowledge of decision-making in complex system, to solve various entrepreneurial problems and to propose valid actions that will lead to the success of the organization. This program prepares students for creating value in their futures organizations;  
  • You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the international business environment, in terms of the competitive and investment climate, which is largely determined by the policies and the regulations established by government and international institutions;
  • You will be able to analyze the economic and development policies of countries and understand how both are affected by changing global environment;
  • You will utilize frameworks and methodologies to investigate the interactions between firms’ strategies, economic policies and the changing international environment. Firms’ strategies are constantly changing as the environments are evolving in the globalizing world;  
  • You will understand the essential tools for financing an entrepreneurial firm and the range of sources of financing for growth;
  • You will learn how global financial markets interact with multinational companies;
  • You will not only gain an understanding of how firms are organized internally, but you will also be able to systematically analyze how foreign markets and countries function;
  • You will gain practical knowledge during your internship in shipping departments, custom departments and international departments of the commercial banks.