Study program: International Business and Finance

International business and finance is a highly innovative study program. It is based on the creative merging of two scientific areas: international business and finance. This multidisciplinary program will provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the interrelationship between areas of international business, finance and global economy as they play out in a rapidly evolving international environment. The bachelor study program is focused on international business environment, financial markets, multinational corporations, international trade, trade logistics and trade finance. Our goal is to provide students with a good theoretical and practical knowledge of international business and finance. Students will develop their ability to use approaches and methods of analysis of specific and complex issues in the area of international business and finance, as well as to be engaged in a wide range of trade-related activities.

International Business and Finance master study program prepare students for understanding the modern global system of International Business and Finance and prepare them to build a better career in the knowledge-based society. Postgraduates are trained to manage new opportunities to understand the global movement, to learn how to link International Business and Finance issues, to control data, and to deal with the international demand in the business world.

Through the study program, students can gain knowledge on decision making, investments, solve various entrepreneurial problems, analyze economic and development policies as well as how foreign markets and companies function. The program courses are suitable for the students who come not only from financial sectors but also from business sector, international organization, government and nongovernment sector as well as small business sector. Students will be able to choose courses in accordance with their interests and needs.

Employment opportunities

Due to a large compilation of interdisciplinary knowledge and practical skills acquired during the studies, our students will have the opportunity to gain employment ranging from trade oriented companies to institutions in financial sector. A possibility of employment exists in various businesses and financial sectors that need highly skilled professionals who will have the knowledge and ability to understand and solve complex global business processes, to understand global business issues, as well as to deal with financial risks and challenges faced by company in the global market, actively participate in the planning and financing of international trade, as well as participate in development, creation and delivery of products and services in the global market.